Why choose Gombella


Gombella is dedicated to meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations while supplying quality Agricultural Commodities. All our products are produced and cleaned in safe and hygienic environments, complying with all quality control requirements and safe for their intended use.


Our ability to cultivate and source (where required), agricultural products and commodities from the different states in Nigeria is what makes us distinct from the rest. Gombella’s strength lies in the fact that its team, with more than 13 years of experience, has developed great export exposure exporting to Germany, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Kuwait, and Middle East Countries. Our deep local knowledge of the Nigerian commodity terrain helps us to continuously evolve better ways of reaching the very difficult geographical areas with ease and simplicity to have access to our Agricultural produce.

Our Agro/Export Team

Gombella’s vast clientele relationships across the globe make it possible to understand diverse customers with diverse requirements in these countries with the required supplies. We successfully leverage on our dedication to our vision to be a global dominant player in the Agro-allied sector and our unrelenting quest to keep our quality consistent while supplying the various Commodities across the globe. High levels of proficiency extended by the Gombella team play a pivotal role in providing desired products and services globally.

What We Do

Our Exports

We deal on a broad range of agricultural and allied productsas well ason timely delivery of our products. Gombella Integrated Services Ltd.Is a well-known company, engaged in manufacturing and exporting these:
SEEDS: Sesame seeds, Cassia Tora seeds
Food & Beverage: Dried Hibiscus flower
SPICES:  Garlic, Dried split Ginger, Red Onions, Dried Chili Peppers
GRAINS & CEREALS: Yellow/White maize
NUTS:  Raw Cashew nuts, Peanuts (a.k.a Groundnuts),Tiger Nuts
BIOFUELS: Hardwood Charcoal and Palm kernel- Briquettes, Palm kernel shells

Competitive Pricing & Efficient Communication & Short Delivery Lead Time

Through direct procurement, we offer better services within the price range and our communication channels and responses are very effective. The lead time is short and the products are delivered within the stipulated time range.

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